Every dog owner knows that they have a responsibility to keep their dog safe and happy throughout their lives, and that there are certain things any dog owner needs to own to help guarantee their precious pet dog is always properly taken care of. Though us humans can have a tendency to go overboard when spoiling our animals, dogs don’t really need a lot to be happy.
Even for the more minimalist dog owners, there are a few things that are considered essential. For example, every dog will need a comfortable place to sleep so they can get the right amount of rest and recuperation. They will also need the right size bowls for eating and drinking and some toys to keep them entertained. Furthermore, they will need all the right equipment to keep them safe while out and about such as collars and leashes.
Of course there are other things you may need depending on the breed of your dog, such as grooming equipment and bathing supplies, but really there isn’t much that your dog would consider essential. The most important thing is that you feed them a good diet, keep up with their regular vet appointments, and give them plenty of exercise and love. With all that being said, there is absolutely no reason why you can’t spoil your dog, and many owners enjoy treating their dog to the finer things in life.

Luxury dog beds

Sleep is very important for a dog’s health and happiness. They need plenty of good quality rest to recover from active walks and play sessions, and to prevent them from becoming overtired or overstimulated. A pampered pup will love snuggling into a luxury dog bed with a deep, plush mattress, and you can find them in so many different styles and colours to suit your dog and your decor.
Doughnut beds are plush all over and allow your dog to curl up in absolute comfort, so they are a good bet for most dogs. You can also get fun and adorable beds like tipis and mini tents that allow your dog to create a warm, safe nesting area. If you have a dog that likes to burrow under the covers then a hooded dog bed might be perfect for them.

Dog collars and leashes

Even if you have a lap dog or an older dog who doesn’t need taking for walks every day, you’ll need something to keep them secure when you do leave the house. You can choose from a gorgeous range of designer dog collars and leashes for this purpose to give your pup extra style credit. A classic leather collar and leash set will last for a long time, and you can even choose one with cute embellishments like studs and gems.
If your dog is a strong puller then you might be better off choosing a harness for them instead. These can be a great help because they prevent your dog from putting too much pressure on their necks when they pull at the leash, and the pressure is distributed across the chest instead of directly on the delicate structures in their necks.

Smart feeders, bowls and drinking fountains

Even the fussiest of dogs will not turn their nose up at their meals when they are served in the right bowl. Designer dog bowls look fantastic, and many are ergonomically designed for your dog so they can eat comfortably. For dogs that love their food a little too much and manage to clean their bowl in seconds, a slow feeder can help encourage them to take their time and avoid indigestion. Snuffle mats have a similar concept, and also get your dog’s mind working as they have to use their nose to forage for their food, mimicking their natural feeding behaviours.
For pet parents who are constantly on the go, you can still make sure dinner is served exactly on time by using a smart feeder with a timer that either uncovers a pre-portioned meal, or dispenses a set amount of dry food into their bowl. Water fountains are ideal for ensuring your dog has free access to fresh water throughout the day, and the best models include a water filter and pump to keep the water fresh and clean with minimal effort.