There is something indescribable about autumn, and it is a favourite time of year for many people in countries that are lucky enough to experience this wonderful season. In non-equatorial places, autumn is the time of year that follows the heat of summer, bringing cooler temperatures and a slower pace of life. One thing that heralds the beginning of autumn is the changing colours of leaves from their usual vibrant greens to the blazing reds, yellows and oranges of the season.
In Hong Kong, people of all backgrounds take pleasure in autumn and all the traditional celebrations it brings. Unlike in places like the UK, autumn in Hong Kong remains relatively mild, with weather that makes it possible to enjoy the outdoors. The weather tends to be cool, but pleasantly so, with plenty of sunshine and refreshing breezes - perfect for heading outside and taking in all the sights, sounds and smells that this time of year has to offer.
There are many activities and attractions in Hong Kong that you can enjoy with friends and family this autumn, many for free, and all are guaranteed to give you the ‘warm and fuzzies’. If you want to make the most out of this autumn in Hong Kong, read on to discover some of our favourite indoor and outdoor activities for people of all ages and all interests.

Head outdoors for autumns best sights

Due to its unique geographical location, Hong Kong is home to many beautiful tree species. Many are green all year round, while others are deciduous and will go through a series of changes as they slow their pace of growth or become fully dormant over the coldest, driest part of the year.
Paying a visit to the natural world to take in the sight of trees in their autumnal finery is a beloved pastime, and there is something quite magical about it. Trees are only in this phase for a few short weeks every year, and can provide some truly dramatic and beautiful scenes, especially if you go at the time of day with the best light.
Tai Tong Ecopark is one of the best places in Hong Kong to witness this natural spectacle. In fact, a visit to the park is considered an autumn tradition for many natives and expats in Hong Kong. Whether you’re a nature enthusiast or simply want to get out and enjoy the cooler weather with your family, a visit to Tai Tong Ecopark should definitely be on your to-do list.
If you’re feeling active, you could go for a hike along the Pineapple Dam Nature Trail which is just gorgeous at this time of year. You could take the whole family for an autumn-themed picnic here, and pack all your autumn favourites such as delicious moon cakes, flasks of hot chocolate, pumpkin pie - whatever you fancy!

Indoor activities for autumn

For those days when you want to stay cosy at home but need to keep the kids entertained, you can get creative with a range of fun and engaging activities for the whole family. Pumpkin carving is a traditional activity that most kids will love, and you could even make it a competition to see who can carve the best design onto their pumpkin. Just be aware that tools can be sharp, so your kids will need supervision and an adult to help them with any sharp tools. When you are done, try making a display with the pumpkins and add a battery operated candle to each one.
The kitchen can be a wonderful source of autumn smells and flavours, and it is the perfect reason to get creative in the kitchen with some seasonal favourites. Strawberries are great at this time of year, so why not try making your own homemade jams and jellies? Apples are another favourite flavour of the season, so baking apple pies or making applesauce are also great ideas that will provide you with a delicious treat. Kids can also have a lot of fun helping out with these activities, just make sure they are fully supervised and kept away from sources of heat or sharp objects that can be a risk to little ones.