If you’re thinking of buying a Mclaren GT as your next car, this article is a must-read. The Mclaren GT is a fantastic car with many benefits, not to mention that it’s incredibly sleek and a stunning vehicle. We list some of the great benefits of the Mclaren GT to persuade you to make that deposit.

The design

There’s nothing boring or vanilla about this car; when a Mclaren GT is driving down the street, it's admired by everyone it passes; even people with no interest in cars can see that the Mclaren GT is a thing of beauty, worthy of a second look. The design isn’t just for making an impression; it also helps improve the car's aerodynamics. All of the air is kept above and around the car to keep the car firmly positioned on the road, improving the vehicle’s handling.

Powerful engine

If speed is your poison, the Mclaren GT won’t disappoint; you can achieve an impressive 200 miles per hour in this beast of a vehicle. Whether it's on track or on the road, you won’t find you’re lacking in power on any front. In fact, you’ll probably need to keep an eye on your speed; the Mclaren GT can quickly pull away and get up to impressive speeds before you even realise how fast you’re driving.

Surprisingly practical

Many supercars aren’t practical, and you’d struggle to take any luggage with you on your journey. This isn’t the case for the Mclaren GT; it's practical, powerful and elegant. The space for cargo is good compared to other similar vehicles, and the boot has even been designed to fit a full set of golf clubs. There are a number of practical features, such as phone connectivity and satellite navigation, so you can answer calls and get to your destination whilst avoiding traffic. The Mclaren GT can handle much more than short journeys; you and your passengers will be very comfortable using the Mclaren GT for cross-country journeys.

Quality inside and out

If you’re currently in the process of searching for supercars or sports cars for sale, you’ll want to buy something that’s high quality inside and outside. With a Mclaren GT, you’ll find quality parts are used everywhere; every detail has been carefully crafted to be luxurious, long-lasting and high quality. Take the interior, for example; the dashboard is made from the best quality materials, which will be instantly noticeable when you get inside the Mclaren GT. Quality translates to reliability; when you invest in an expensive high-quality car such as the Mclaren GT, you’re unlikely to have common issues that you might find with other inferior-quality vehicles.

Pre-programmed driving modes

One of the great things about the Mclaren GT is you can use it as your daily car and a car for taking on the track. This is thanks to the pre-programmed driving modes, which adjust the suspension and throttle to make the car more suited to different driving situations. When you select the sports mode of the Mclaren GT, you will see the full power of the throttle, and the suspension will become firmer for better handling at higher speeds. However, this won’t be comfortable if you want to cruise around town at low speeds; that’s where the economical mode comes to play; making the suspension more comfortable and reducing the throttle means the Mclaren GT is much easier to drive in this mode around the town.
The Mclaren GT is a great practical sports car with features that make it suitable for everyday driving. If you’re interested in a Mclaren GT, speak to a sports car dealership and take one out for a test drive. This will be your opportunity to see if this car meets up to your expectations. All being well, you can put a deposit down and secure your Mclaren GT. Just make sure you buy from a reputable dealer that provides reassurance, such as a warranty, so you can take the car back to be fixed if anything goes wrong in the first few months. You won’t be disappointed with this impressive practical sports car! Here is a list of other great supercars from TopGear.

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