When you’re moving into your first home, it's a very exciting time and something you’ll remember for the rest of your life. There is a lot to organise, from setting up your bills, packing and unpacking and getting to know the local area. You may also need to purchase furniture for your new home, especially if you don’t already have the essentials, such as a bed and fridge. This article has several tips you can use when furnishing your first home.

Think practically

Think about the lifestyle you want to lead in your new home and what items fit in with this in a practical way. You might love the look of a cream sofa, but in reality, it can be hard work to keep it looking good. If you plan on getting pets or having people around, you might find that cream or white furniture quickly looks dirty and old. That’s not to say you need to choose boring furniture with no flare, but you should consider if the items you buy will be practical. If the answer is yes, you’re also less likely to need to replace them as quickly.

Budget for the essentials

You may have fallen in love with a four-poster bed, but if it blows all your budgets, you’ll have no money left to buy other essentials such as a fridge, freezer or washing machine. Create a list of everything you need and prioritise them in order of importance. At the top should be things you simply can’t live without, even for a short period of time; this might include items like a bed. Once you have this list, you can divide up your money and put individual budgets next to each item. If you want to spend a bit more on getting quality furniture, that is a great idea; you might just need to wait until you have the budget for less essential items, such as art for your walls or a rug for your living space.

Family gifts

If friends want to give you gifts or money as a housewarming present, you can use this to your advantage. Ask for specific items you need to decorate your home or vouchers for shops where you can purchase larger furniture items. This can help your new home look more finished and save you money on furniture. Your friends and family will also be happy to spend their money on something you need for your new place.

Consider second-hand items

Property in Hong Kong can be expensive, so you might not have much money left to spend on furniture after you’ve moved house. However, this doesn’t mean you need to go without furniture; there is plenty of second-hand furniture you can buy for a much lower price. The furniture you buy second-hand might not be perfect, but it will ensure you have pieces to fill your new home. You can also sell them again in the future and replace them with newer items once you’ve saved up more money.

Follow a style

It can be easy to buy lots of different things you like without considering how the items come together to create the overall look of your home. This can make your home look messy and unfinished. To avoid this, think about your style before buying any items; this will help you choose furniture that works together to create a cohesive space. You could pick out a few colours and use these as your style inspiration or a particular theme such as nature, modern or classic. As long as each item fits with the theme, your home will look stunning when it's complete.

Take your time

You need to purchase some things quickly when you move home to ensure you can live comfortably; however, many things can wait a while, so you can carefully consider your purchases. When you give yourself time to shop around, you will find more options and other alternatives that might be better suited to your needs and your style. Furnishing a home takes time and consideration; the best-styled homes are well-planned, and items are sourced carefully to match the shape, size, style and practical needs of the space and the people living in the home.